About RIGA COMM Smart HR Conference:

  • We will talk about Smart HR solutions for workforce management, planning, engagement, training, well-being management, mutual communication, assessment & feedback, bonus management, recruitment, analytics and other tools for advancement in recruiting, motivating, retaining and talent development.

  • RIGA COMM in collaboration with Smart HR Latvija Team!


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    RIGA COMM 2019 | Smart HR Conference

    • How to technology's of HR make life easier | Bruno Rejs Corns

    • How to establish a culture of employee engagement through gamification | Juris Zalans

    • Digital HR implementation project road map | Liesma Rijniece

    • How to achieve paperless HR? | Soren Hammer Pedersen

    • What's your next step in transformation journey to and beyond the cloud | Sven Hultin

    • Programming is not a rocket science | Jonas Bacinskas

    • Avoid expensive recruitment errors | Gita Meldere

    • Agile 4 HR - trends, challenges, solutions | Taras Pasechnik

    • Workplaces | Oļegs Ņikitins | Workplace strategy consultant